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curiertat romania anglia door to door
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curiertat romania anglia door to door
About Us


We know you would like to learn more about us before you actually use our services. This is why you can visit our Feedback page and see exactly what other people, just like you, had to say about us and the way we operate.

Many people that live and work in the England* have family members in Romania. On the other hand, many people that live in Romania also have family or friends in the England*. Although the internet provides us with fantastic means of communications, there's nothing like receiving a parcel from the people you love.

TrufinTrans - Deliverying parcels for over 7 years!

For over 7 years we have specialized in shipping parcels from the England* to any door in Romania (and the other way around).

We've noticed this demand and that's why we created a specialized company. TrufinTrans only deals with parcel transport between these two countries. You can trust us when we say that your parcel will arrive at your loved ones.

If you want to send a parcel through us, all you have to do is wrap it, tag it and hand it over to one of our staff members. We will take care of the transportation and will make sure it gets there safely.

If you're having trouble tagging it, why not use our tagging form?

Yes, the people receiving the parcel won't have to worry about picking it up beacause through our door-to-door system, it will arive straight to their door.

Here are just a few reasons why you should pick Trufin Trans:

Trufin trans rapiditate


Trufin trans siguranta


Trufin trans incredere


Trufin trans preturi mici

Low prices

Trufin trans punctualitate


Trufin trans convenienta


Even when the company was in it's inception, our moto was always, Clients Come First. If you don't believe us, you only have to visit our Feedback page and you'll see exactly what people are saying about us.

For more information please Contact Us or check out our FAQ page.

* Please visit routes page for available areas